"Farndon Marina made the corporate decision to re-design our web site, having done research on our previous site, which was not working for us at all - Graphically very pretty and that was it full stop!!.  Who!! When!! How much!! was the question we asked ourselves when looking to build and optimise a new web site.  This seemed a very daunting task with so many companies to choose from.  We did some research and took the decision to go with Floren Creatives, a young company with a whole wealth of large corporate contracts and global travel behind them.  They have a broad range of life and work experiences to do anything you require, they listened to our brief, took detailed notes of our requirements needed to be incorporated into our new site. They drew up a detailed plan and submitted their ideas, concept and price for our approval.  It was the best decision I'd ever made.  
We now have a website and online presence we can be proud of.  Their attention to detail is second to none and nothing is too trivial for their attention.  Floren Creatives have transformed our position on the World Wide Web, increased our web traffic with the clever use of key words, creative design and optimisation.  Their intimate knowledge of how Google and Bing search engines work enable Floren Creatives to run and manage our Pay Per Click advertising campaign, which delivers consistent results for both our boat brokerage and wider Marina operations.
To put the icing on the cake Floren Creatives have also re-designed Farndon Marina’s Corporate image to represent quality, hard work, reliability and trustworthiness to it's new found client base.
I would recommend Floren Creatives to anyone who wants a strong, reliable, hard working web presence, or just a new company header.  Contact them with absolute confidence of getting the attention you deserve and value for money, (except our competitor’s of course!!)"

Paul Ainsworth - Managing Director

Services Provided:
Website Analysis  | Search Engine Optimisation | Online Marketing | Corporate Document Branding & Design