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Creating a great looking website is one thing. Making sure it can be found when it needs to be is another.

Every project we undertake consists of careful Client industry research to establish the most effective approach to developing killer website content and relevant key phrases.

We understand that nobody knows your business better than you do and that's why we'll always work with you to produce engaging content for your new website.  

We don't believe in 'hidden extras' and all of our services are UK based.

Farndon Marina Google Search Results Boat Brokerage East Midlands

An industry with no Global boundaries, with growth potential at home and abroad, the Marine marketplace remains a solid place to do business.

You've probably noticed them on on search engine results pages, web based email platforms, or in your general navigation of a multitude of websites....Paid Search Advertisements. 

We offer a wide range of tailored Pay Per Click or 'Paid Search' marketing solutions to our Clients, across Google, Yahoo & Bing. We cover the spectrum of activities required  whether you're targeting a specific element of your business or multiple verticals across multiple businesses.

TargetedSpecific & Measurable Results. As a form of advertising it will bring to your marketing strategy a high level of transparency and cost efficiency, coupled with the benefits of a truly accountable communication medium.
With marketing campaigns designed around your budget, you drive the cost based on the goals you set for your business. Over other forms of advertising, Pay Per Click gives you the opportunity to target specific customers with particular services or products using fixed budgets.  .
We don't believe in tying our Clients into long contracts as business requirements vary so much. Instead, we offer flexible 3, 6 or 12 month contracts depending on your needs & budget..

You may be new to PPC or already be running established campaigns (or somewhere in between!), whatever your situation we'll start with an appraisal of your current online content vs your aims with Pay Per Click marketing.

We'll be happy to discuss your specific requirements - contact Floren Creatives today to find out more.