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An industry with no Global boundaries, with growth potential at home and abroad, the Marine marketplace remains a solid place to do business.

Economic factors of course drive this pace of growth, as the BMF reported recently; "Significant improvement evident in (the) marine industry performance – international market continues to grow while domestic market returns to pre-recession trends" (BMF Industry Trends Results Report May – November 2013) 

The questions this raises for businesses looking for growth depends on what stage you're at now...

- Where and How can my customers find me when they have need?

- What impact does my online presence have on the Services & Products I offer?

- Am I investing in the right type of marketing to reach my target customers?

- How 'sticky' are my customer communications - Online or in Print? How can I measure the results?

We could add more, but you already you know what the pressing questions are for your business...

According to the BMF KPI Report "The industry revenue for the leisure, superyacht and small commercial marine industry in the UK in 2012/2013 was £2.905 Billion".

We have a proven record of achieving great results for our customers in developing & implementing effective online marketing strategies that produce real return within the Leisure Marine Industry.


So what will you do to stay in front for the year ahead?....

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